West Sedona Elementary School
Vive La Musique! ¡Viva La Música!
November! The 19th Annual Festival Of Song!
November 15th, 2017 at 6:30pm! K-6 sing in different languages and promote World Unity as Ambassadors of Peace!               

  Vision Statement

We, at West Sedona School, believe in encouraging and promoting the musical abilities of our students to their fullest potential. We begin with the national standards and build from there. We have high expectations for our students and our goal is for all students to develop an appreciation for music that they will carry with them into adulthood. Music as a discipline can enhance a child's self-esteem, built upon the commitment to learn an instrument or in treating the voice as an instrument. Music can play an integral part of a child's academic and emotional life. Our Music Program reinforces the concepts of school spirit, gives them a sense of belonging and promotes the child's social well-being. We integrate music in the classrooms at every opportunity. It is well-documented that music helps the brain at many levels and enhances coordination. Plus, it is a gateway to the heart and soul.

 General Music K-6

Arizona Essentials Of Music Skills curriculum base
Encompasses Multiple Music areas.
Builds musical proficiency in areas such as form, dynamics and rhythm.
Encourages creativity in class.
Teaches basic instrumental playing.
Applies music to other academic subjects.
Involves singing, moving, listening and cooperation.
Encourages public speaking and performance.
Instrumental program for the 5th-8th grade school band by individual student commitment.
Guest speakers and performers share their knowledge in the classroom.


Ms Carroll has lent her vocals to a brand new song about Sedona called "Sedona Your Heart Is Mine" by Terrie Frankel and Fred Shinn. Give it a listen and share it with your friends!

Upper Elementary Music

Promotes the exploration of music as a discipline.
Develops auditory learning.
Provides a venue to improve musical and critiquing skills.
Reinforces cooperative skills.
Explores music as a career and related occupations.
Examines music in modern times, from 1870 to present in an over view of musical development in the US.
Visits cross-cultural music in how other cultures' music affected the development of American traditional and modern music.
Encourages public speaking and performance.
Guest speakers and performers share their knowledge in the classroom.


Chantez! Singen! Sing! ¡Canten!

La Joie De Vivre Singers

All K-6 grade children receive training in multiple musical areas. We work on vocal production and proper use of the voice. We perform for the International Festival of Song in different languages! The children unite in a cohesive group and cooperation is an essential component.

Several times over the years the students have had the opportunity to work in an Arts Immersion Project. It's a community-based instruction module whereby artistic teachers from the community came in and did arts projects with the kids to "bring the concepts home". They worked on Poetry, Dance, Drumming, Meditation, Murals, and Masks. It was an intense three-days where the kids traveled to workshops and dealt with the issues: prejudice, tolerance, anger, love, civil turmoil, peace, conflict resolution and other important topics. We thank Vince Fazio, Libby Caldwell, Sandra Zahn, Zephryn Conte, Jessica Nelson, Eric Aglia and more for their dedication to the projects and the Sedona Arts Center! Arts Immersion Project

More from Arts Immersion


Sim Idol!
 Click here to see Ms. Carroll as a sim character singing "There Is No Arizona"!


The older kids created these beats in Garageband!






Cathy Hollingshead wrote a great song called, "One Nation" and Ms Carroll got to sing it with several students in Marc Wolin's Studio. We had a blast creating harmonies! We made a video to go with the song. Check it out!

Free After School Music Lessons!

Wildcat Steel Drum Band!Guitar! Piano!

SUCH an opportunity!!

Lessons in Steel Drumming (Tuesdays), Guitar (Thursdays), and in November Piano class on Wednesdays. 


Children are expected to have an instrument at home for practice at least 20 minutes per day.


Check out our annual International Festival Of Food and Song in November.

Click here to see how fun it is! One of our first ones!

Click here to see how fun the 2006 one was!

Also, Jeanie and several students recorded "We Are One Nation" at Marc Wolin's Studio in Sedona. It was co-written by Cathy Hollingshead, Colleen Carlson, and Marty Axelrod. To hear it, click here.

And Jeanie sings Jazz! Click Here for "Nature Boy".

And she sings in French & Spanish!


And here is Shondra Jepperson singing her Children's Anthem with OUR West Sedona kids during an International Festival of Song!

We had a visit from about 60 kids from Korea and 20 of them came to the music class. This happened! when Michelle Grimm came to that class August 15th, 2015.

Here's another video "Dance To Make A Difference!" from 2015.

Wildcat Assessment 

Student learning is assessed in a variety of ways at West Sedona School. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade are tested in areas of music according to the Arizona Essential Music Skills. Participation, projects and improvement are areas used to holistically assess each child. We strive to encourage all children to reach their personal best when participating in choir and in the classroom.

Wildcat Discipline 

Our school discipline code is designed to help create a safe and nurturing campus. The discipline code (see handbook) is explained to all students at the beginning of the school year. Teachers and administrators applu the discipline code in a fair and consistent manner. Maintaining the dignity and safety of each child is our goal.


Email Anytime!


Email Anytime!


Ms. Carroll's Music Biz Website

928-204-6651 Classroom Phone Number

 Video Art Project by Sunshower Rose for Jeanie Carroll  




2017-2018 Musical Dates! Go Wildcats!
School Starts!

Afterschool Music Lessons begin after Labor Day!

Steel Drumming Tuesdays

Guitar Thursdays

Piano Wednesdays

2:30-3:25 pm

Please bring your instrument on your day! Office closes at 3:30. Please pick up your child on time.

 Fall Festival
October 15th! 11-4 And TheLegend Of Sleepy Hollow!
October 27th 8:30am & 30th 6:30pm!
International Festival Of Song--Benefit!
Grades K-6 become ambassadors of foreign lands and wear the colors and flags and SING in foreign languages! Italian, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish & More! Special guests, too!
Date November 15th
Kids keep practicing your instruments at home even during the break!
Get Ready For The Variety Extravaganza Try-Outs in January!
Dates TBA
Variety Extravaganza Try-Outs in January!
Try Outs for Variety Extravaganza
at WSS
Dates TBA, but towards end of the month...

Music In Our Schools Month!

3/4 Field Trip to the Flagstaff Symphony March 8th, 2018! AND The Variety Extravaganza Talent Show near the end of the month!
6th Grade Graduation
These dates are subject to change, but we'll do our best to keep them as they are! Please check your Cat Tracks or Facebook for more WSS happenings. Also, check your child's backpack and planner frequently for flyers and info. :-)

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